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I'm Leslie. Just a simple girl trying to get through life. Two things I love unconditionally, Harry Potter and John Mayer. You'll find that I'm everywhere. I spill my emotions on this blog. I hope to find my courage in myself through The Lord to spread more love than hate. Currently residing in Santa Cruz. Enjoy the blog & feel free follow, talk to me, or to ask anything.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Acoustic) + Rain by John Mayer

It’s not a silly little moment, it’s not the storm before the calm

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I’m having extreme feels for John Mayer right now. Seriously. I need to go see him!!!! That’s shit that he’s playing in la the weekend I come back to SC


John Mayer- Edge of Desire

the lyrics to this song are perfect.


Wheel - John Mayer

I believe that my life’s gonna see
The love I give
Return to me

It’s such a waste to grow up lonely.

In honor of John’s birthday, I’m listening to him all day! Yay! And I’m blogging a bunch of him today. Sorry not sorry. Honestly though. This man has greatly helped me through a lot of stages in my life and as I move on through my life there is not a single song by him that I do not appreciate. Each song has a special meaning to me. People often ask, how can you have that much love for someone who doesn’t even know you exist? Well, I just do so get over it. Happy Birthday John!(:


John Mayer - Waiting On The Day


Gravity (Solo Ending) - John Mayer at Ridgefield, WA | 7.19.13

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Wheel on Red Rocks ♥

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I’m seeing a lot of hate. Stop it. Just stop. Stay out of the tag. If what’s her face means as much to you as John to us then stop. You hate people insulting her but will insult John in a heartbeat. Just stop. Go away. We want to be happy listening to his new songs and old. Go away